Officially registered with The English Karate Organisation (EKO)
Officially registered with The English Karate Organisation (EKO)

ISKF International Sankukai Karate Federation

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Sensei Rob Landau

UK Chief  Instrcutor

Sensei Rob, 6th Dan, is the enthusuastic Chief instructor of ISKF UK bringing a wealth of competition experience and 46 years of karate

training to the club.

John Carlow

Maidstone Instructor

John Carlow, 2nd Dan, acheived his Shodan (black belt) under sensei Rob in 2015 and now teaches in Maidstone as well as assisting Sensei Rob in Tonbridge

About the International Sankukai Karate Federation

The philosophy of Sankukai Karate-do is based on the traditional budo spirit of karate which seeks the perfection of character through hard training and discipline. In addition to the traditional philosophy underpinned by the Rei-to-Setsu and Dojo-Kun, ISKF also seeks the healthy mental and physical growth of youth, and peaceful international exchange friendships through the training and competition. Sankukai Karate is an art form as well as a technical fighting style.


ISKF is a South African based Karate organisation originating from the Japanese art of Karate known as Shito Ryu. The Chief Instructor of ISKF is Shihan (Master) Barry Stranack, who is currently the 8th ​Dan.


Rob Landau is currently a 6th Dan in ISKF and has completed the advanced technical training course in South Africa with Shihan Stranack. Having been under his instruction since 1974, Rob has now been elected by the ISKF as the Chief Instructor for England and is now recognised as a certified Instructor by the English Karate Organisation (E.K.O.)


ISKF offers a traditional, authentic, and technical Karate experience. Included in the training are technique fitness training and practical fighting applications. The principal part of this form of Karate is speed, relaxation and penetration of technique, as well as the use of angles, while enhancing efficiency and fluidity of movement. Much emphasis is now placed on “randori”, or free fighting, to enhance the skills for competition and tournament purposes.

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